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Airwolf Filter Corp

Cessna Engine Oil Filter Adapter Assemblies

CESSNA AD-96-12-22


All Cessna Models 100, 200,300 & 400 Series airplanes;Meyers
200; Twin Commander 500A and 685; Beech 33,35,36, and 55
Series; Piper PA 46, Navion Rangemaster 17 Series; Wren Model
460 and Bellanca 260 and 300 Series


Within the next 100 hours and every time the oil filter is removed
To prevent the loss of engine oil caused by loose or separated oil
Filters adpaters which could result in engine stoppage while in flight
And loss of control of the airplane


Airwolf Filter Corp is an approved Aternate Method of Compliance.
Installation of an Airwolf Remote Mount Oil Filter Ket eliminates the
expensive repetive inspections and cures the problem forever.

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