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Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc.

It' Not Only What We Do, But How Well We Do It!

We have been overhauling oil coolers, with the
highest standard of excellence, for over
thirty years.

If you are familiar with our service, we look forward to your continued business. If you are seeking a superior and dependable oil cooler service company, we provice excellent work that is above industry standards at a reasonable price - with a fast turnaround.

It is our hope that we can be of service to you!

    How Well We Do It!

  • Aircraft Oil Coolers
  • Valves
  • Fuel Heaters
  • Repair
  • Service
  • Exchange
  • Fast Turnaround
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Wide Vaiety of new and yellow-tagged coolers in stock for immediate delivery
  • Buy and Sell
  • Most Makes and Models
  • X-Ray Service Available


    Repair & Cleaning Procedures

    1. Upon receipt, coolers are checked for serial numbers and part numbers against customer purchase order.
    2. Pacific Oil Cooler Service work order number and green tag is assigned to each unit seperately.
    3. Unit is disassembled .
    4. Unit is cleaned in a vapor-degreaser , both inside and outside.
    5. Outside area is cleaned with compressed air to remove any contamination.
    6. Appropriate hoses are attached to mate each unit to flushing benches.
    7. Unit is pressure tested .
    8. Unit is inspected for cracks and leaks .
    9. Unit is repaired if repairable.
    10. Unit is flushed , under high pressure and high volume , with Surjex(complies with Mil-C-6864c) until a 100 mesh exhaust screen show no sign of contamination .
    11. Unit is flushed in both directions to X-Ray quality.
    12. When bench flushing is complete, unit is internally cleaned with Trichlorethane to remove flushing compound .
    13. Unit is then flushed in Stoddard Solvent under high pressure and high volume, in both directions to X-Ray quality, on a 10 micron bench until screen shows no contamination.
    14. Unit is drained and blown dry .
    15. Any necessary fin straightening is completed.
    16. Thermostat is temperature checked separately and replaced if necessary.
    17. Seals and O-Rings are replaced as necessary.
    18. Unit is re-assembled .
    19. Unit is safety wired as necessary.
    20. Unit Is pressure tested , bead blasted and alodined or painted as appropriate.
    21. Unit is again pressure tested.
    22. Protective plugs are applied where needed.
    23. Unit is given final inspection .
    24. Yellow tag is completed and attached showing overhaul, cleaning, or remains, whichever is applicable with reference made to Pacific Oil Cooler Service work order number.
    25. Unit is individually packaged to prevent contamination in preparation for return to customer.
    26. Our cleaning procedures are integrated with your Repair Specifications, MJ-70-24-13-06-ES and/or maintenance manuals from the manufacturer(as necessary).
    27. The Station Procedure manual is available for your inspection upon request at our facility.

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